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People That Matter

"Partin has gained a reputation as a heartfelt and emotional performer, 'singing from a place inside that screams to be heard.’" http://www.revolutionthreesixty.com/2014/06/rory-partin.html

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Artist Feature

Artist Feature http://www.sulphurdailynews.com/news/q-a-with-moss-bluff-native-rory-partin/article_5915b299-36a1-5c63-9de6-b65259112487.html

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Singled Out: Rory Partin’s Jambalaya (On The Bayou)

Rory Partin tells us about the song "Jambalaya (On The Bayou)" from his self-titled album that features late music legend Jimmy C Newman and some of the last surviving members of legendary big bands like Tommy Dorsey and Bobby Darin. Here is the story: http://www.antimusic.com/news/14/August/28Singled_Out-_Rory_Partins_Jambalaya_On_The_Bayou.shtml

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